Monday, November 7, 2011

What's in the Box? - 11/9/2011

More good stuff heading our way from Eatwell Farm, this week's box stars:

Granny Smith Apples
Florence Fennel
French Breakfast Radishes
Bunching Onions
Red Kuri
Crocodile Spinach
Fuyu Persimmons
Cauliflower OR Romanesco
Eggplant *bonus item

Michael will be so happy to have the persimmons.  This time of the year, they are his favorite to take for lunch.  I have designs on that dill and bunching onions for a low fat schmear of salmon, yogurt cheese, dill, and onion.  The tatsoy and cauliflower will make a great stir fry.  Red Kuri squash baked in the oven might get made into a soup or maybe we'll just eat it as is, with a side of spinach and a salad.  The eggplant will be the basis for an eggplant and tomato sauce with a touch of vodka in it to blend the flavors.  The carrots will find their way into chicken broth that I need to make so I have some on hand for soups.  Granny smith apples will make a great crisp or maybe an apple cake.  Of course the radishes will add a nice crunch to our salad this week along with the fennel.  Yum!

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