Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rainy day - time for soup!

Alright so, it's always time for soup in my book, except for the warmest summer days.  In an attempt to use up all the squash(2 small red kuris and 2 small delicatas) and greens(cabbage and collards), I put together a big pot of lamb stew.  It's perking away on the stove right now with a nice big lamb shank in it thanks to Sierra Farms in Oroville, CA.  Mel Thompson provides the most flavorful lamb at a great price, cut and wrapped half or whole lambs at $7 lb.  The taste of this lamb is exceptional. 

We had a small rack of lamb last night for dinner with baked sweet potatoes and steamed romanesco.  The lamb was just terrific.  Just can't say enough about Mel's product.  Oh, and the romanesco (fractal broccoli/cauliflower) was good too.  I would've posted a picture, but we were too busy eating to take one. 

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