Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bread Baking Day!

We ate all the whole wheat sandwich bread and were dangerously low on our favorite San Francisco sourdough so it's time to bake bread!

The sourdough we love takes 3 days from start to finish.  It's not all that labor intensive, but takes lots of time for the sourdough starter to work its magic.  The recipe is from http://www.thefreshloaf.com and was submitted by dmsynder (thanks, Dave).  The bread has a distinctive sourdough tang of San Francisco and we love it with a bowl of soup or with melted cheese, a great all around loaf, making Tartine Bakery jealous (LOL).  For this bake I added another 100 g. of whole wheat flour substituting for 100 g. of the bread flour.  I also think I let the loaves retard too long in the fridge, they didn't rise as much in the oven as in previous bakes.  All in all, however, I'm pleased with the outcome.

Next on the agenda, 100% whole wheat sandwich bread from Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads.  We love this bread toasted in the morning and slathered with peanut butter and jam.  I tried making a different bread (an oatmeal loaf) a couple of weeks ago but nothing can compare to the taste of this whole wheat loaf with its wild yeast starter and whole wheat soaker. Very flavorful!   Some day though, I'm going to try the challah version of this loaf just for grins.

Just took the whole wheat bread out of the oven.  It was near disastrous when I realized I neglected to turn the oven down from 425F to 350F per the recipe.  Yikes, the bread spent about 25 minutes at this higher temperature.  I just baked it another 10 minutes at 350F tented it with some foil and then removed it from the loaf pan.  It looks none the worse for wear. 

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