Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eatwell Farm CSA Box Coming this week 5/1/2013

I can hardly wait for this week's box from Eatwell Farm.  Strawberries!  Yum.  And other goodies too -
California Late Green Garlic
Fresh Green Onions
Chandler and Albion Strawberries
Head of lettuce
Green Cabbage
Sugar Snap Peas
Green Chard
Red Beets
Florence Fennel
Eureka Lemons

Hmm, roasted whole chicken stuffed with lemons and rosemary - very yummy as a main course.  Braised fennel would make a great side dish for this meal.  The snap peas along with green garlic, chard and chicken for a stir fry served over rice.  I would shred the red beets and green cabbage for a tasty slaw along with some carrots.  Or maybe some carrots and onions in a tasty soup?  I'm not even concerned about what to do with the strawberries - breakfast smoothies come to mind.  Lettuce, carrots and snap peas for a tasty salad as well.  So many possibilities!

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