Friday, April 12, 2013

Rye Bread Encore

I couldn't help myself.  I had enough rye starter for another batch of Eric's Favorite Rye Bread and I'd given away all the leftover bread from the potluck.  One loaf went to the guest of honor, Louise, who turned 90 that day.  The potluck was a celebration in her honor at our quilt room.  We feasted on sauerbraten, potato dumplings, cooked red cabbage, sauerkraut, chili mac and other wonderful stuff.  It was great. 

When I got home it didn't take me long to realize I needed to make more of the rye bread so Michael and I could have some with soups and as a base for some awesome pastrami sandwiches (Michael's favorite).  Soooo the loaves are baking now and the house smells wonderful.  Making my mouth water with the aromas of onions and caraway.  Yum.

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