Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Box from Eatwell Farm 4/3/2013

Can it be that another week has flown by?  Indeed it has and so tomorrow we will pick up another delicious box of fruit and vegetables from Eatwell Farm.  This week we will be treated to -

Baby turnips
Baby lettuce
Green garlic
... Yellow onions
Red kale
Green Cabbge

We just can't get enough of the arugula.  It's delicious in a salad.  I've also seen some recipes for it served with pasta - that would be something different.  Yummy baby turnips, along with lettuce and carrots make up a great salad.  Kale, onions, green garlic and cabbage go together with some lamb for a hearty soup.  Spinach as a side dish with some oven roasted chicken.  Lemons for a salad dressing along with some garlic and olive oil.  Navel oranges are good lunch box fruits.  The dill can add flavor to the salad dressing and remaining dill dried for storage.  All good stuff!

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