Monday, April 29, 2013

Beer, beer and MORE beer!

I don't think it is possible to have too much beer on hand.  We just bottled 2 cases of a really good tasting black IPA made from a kit sold by The Beverage People, Santa Rosa, CA. 

Last night I made up the priming sugar syrup and let it cool, put it in the fridge overnight.  I also put 60 beer bottles in the dishwasher and ran it on the sanitize cycle. 

So this morning right after breakfast, we began by sterilizing a primary fermenter (plastic bucket with a spigot on it), some plastic hose and a bottle filler(must be a better name for it but I don't know what that would be).  Michael then decanted the beer from the carboy to the bucket.  Once in the bucket, he attached the hose and filler to the spigot.  I got ready with the bottle caps all nice and sanitized from last night and the bottle capper.  Michael filled, I capped and placed the filled bottles in six packs.  We ended up with exactly 48 bottles (3 of them pints) of beery goodness.  They are resting at room temperature for 10 days and then they will be ready to go into the fridge.  I hope to wait another week or so before actually breaking one open.

We did have 1 short bottle so we had about 4 oz. each of 'green' beer.  Beware this is potent stuff.  We are lightweight drinkers anyway but this brew packs a kick.  It tastes good, no skunkiness, no 'band-aid' after taste.  A great beer for our efforts which were, it seemed, minimal - 4 hours of brewing time and 1 hour bottling.  We'll have to do this again, sometime soon!

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