Sunday, August 28, 2011

Today's Fun - Monterey Jack Cheese Making

Today I made a batch of monterey jack cheese with 1 gallon of milk (yield 1 lb of cheese) from a recipe on Gavin Webber's website/blog His recipe differs substantially from Ricki Carroll's recipes in both her book and her website.  I'm starting to accumulate cheese making recipes that I like and actually work for me.  So far I've got a 30 min. mozzarella, feta, drunken cheese, and a stirred curd cheddar.  I'd like to get a parmesan and a manchego working as well as the monterey jack.  With those cheeses I'd be pretty happy (in addition to the ricotta salata, of course).

The jack cheese is in the press for its final 40 lb. 12 hour press before coming out and then air drying before waxing and then aging in the cheese cave(aka small fridge).

As always I tried to make ricotta with the whey from the cheese making and received a meager 1/3 cup for my troubles.

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