Thursday, August 11, 2011

Say Cheese!

I am back making cheese.  I'd let it go for a year or so and now I'm back.  What convinced me?  Lavender and Rosemary salts from Eatwell Farm!  I decided to make two Ricotta Salatas flavored with these salts and BAM!  I was hooked.  So far I've made a stirred curd cheddar, a batch of 30 minute Mozzarella (see for recipe) , a drunken goat cheese (used cow's milk for this experiment, recipe from The Beverage People in Petaluma.), and now a feta that is setting curd as I type this (recipe from and video on youtube).

We ate all the mozzarella as Insalata Caprese, Pesto pizza, and finally a greek tomato, cucumber and olive salad.  The stirred curd cheddar is waxed and aging.  The two ricotta salatas will be taste tested tomorrow for  their debut at the Eatwell Farm Tomato Saucing party.  The drunken cheese is going to be removed from its red wine bath a 7pm this evening when it will be air dried for 24 hours before being placed in a ripening box and aged in the fridge.  Oh, how I hope that cheese comes out OK, I've got 2.5 lbs of it, enough for 2 + months of eating(ha, ha), but have to wait 'til October to see if it worked.

Now, if I can just figure out how to age my cheeses without them getting all moldy in the cheese cave (aka old dormitory fridge of questionable heritage, that seems to breed mold quicker than I can remove it from the cheese).

Stay tuned for cheesy updates - oh and today was Kofta making day - fried up about 24 of the little gems and had some with masala over rice for lunch today - yum!

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