Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Making Manchego Cheese Today

I decided to try making a manchego style cheese today.  Michael likes manchego alot and it's pretty pricey so if I can put together something that works well that only costs $4/lb. instead of $20, I'll be ahead of the game. 

The recipe I used is on the website http://www.cheeseforum.org I recommend this site to anyone looking for good tested recipes for many types of cheeses.  Two years ago it really was a forum where folks met to discuss all topics cheesy, but now it's more a 'wiki' type information only site. 

Right now the cheese is in the press for its final pressing at 33 lbs.  The brine has been made up and once the cheese is removed from the press, it will be brined at 55F for 6 hours turning 2-3 times during that period.  My cheese cave is ready and waiting!  Also, my 10 cheese boxes arrived today (actually rubbermaid 7 cup containers that are stackable in the cave).  This will hopefully mitigate mold on cheeses as they age.

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