Friday, August 12, 2011

Taste Testing the Cheeses

We taste tested the ricotta salatas and the feta today.  The lavender ricotta salata is awesome - great hits of lavender flavor in a salty cheese base - ready for arugula and pear salad with toasted pinenuts.  The rosemary ricotta salata was more subdued but still good.  Feta was surprisingly mild - I had cut back on the lipase to 1/8 tsp. because I wasn't sure it would taste good with a full 1/4 tsp, but next time I'll go for the full amount AND add 2 tsp. of cheese salt to the mix. The feta is soaking in the brine for 2 more days so that may make up the taste difference, we will see.

Finally, the drunken cheddar was moved to its aging box in the fridge for 2 months of rest.  I'll be visiting it each day for a week to turn it, then once a week after that.

Michael had an idea - we are going to make fresh mozzarella at the tomato saucing party since there will be plenty of fresh tomatoes and basil there for Insalata Caprese, also Lorraine asked if we would show her how to make fresh mozz so here we go!

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