Monday, September 5, 2011

What's in this week's box 9/7/2011

This week in our Eatwell Farm box we will be receiving:


Cherry Tomatoes

Shady Lady Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

Italian Large Leaf Basil

Summer Squash



Red or Green Bell Peppers

Heirloom Melon


The chives will go great with the potatoes and peppers along with eggs as breakfast burritos with tomatillo salsa. The heirloom tomatoes can be used to make a wicked tomato/shrimp and rice salad.  The cherry tomatoes will work well when roasted and then made into a simple sauce for pasta with olive oil from Soul Food Farm, garlic and capers, maybe throw the zucchini in there too for good measure.  Stuff those red and green bell peppers with a bread and tomato stuffing - add some ground beef if you like.  If there are pepper left over, then roast them, peel them and treat them to a nice soak in olive oil and garlic to go on a sandwich later in the week.  Shady Ladies sliced on top of a pesto sauced pizza with fresh mozzarella - mmmmmmm.  The melons will make great snacks and after dinner treats.  That's my two cents for what to do with this week's box.  Enjoy!

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