Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes! Eatwell Farm Bounty

Just finished slicing 12 lbs. of tomatoes and putting them in the food dehydrator to dry overnight.  8 more lbs to go.  We dried tomatoes last year and they were great as tomato sauce 'boosters'.  When you want the tomato sauce to thicken up more quickly, you add a handful of these dried beauties.  I also experimented with rehydrating some in boiling water to make a thick ketchup like paste seasoned with cider vinegar, brown sugar and whatever else I thought might approximate a ketchup taste. 

I ministered to the cheeses in the cheese cave.  The romano and gouda are getting the most attention.  The gouda gets waxed on Friday.  The romano just needs to sit there and get flipped over every week at this point. 

Spent most of today at the quilt guild's room, visiting with friends and hand quilting my farmyard redwork quilt.

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