Monday, September 12, 2011

Filling the Freezer and the Fridge

Today, I'm roasting peppers, peeling them and putting them in jars with vinegarette.  Later today, I'll be making some tomatillo sauce and freezing it for the next time chicken enchiladas are on the menu (which I hope is very soon). 

We have been eating the manchego cheese and it is quite good. Michael took some to work.  Our friend, Janet, tasted some and said it was better than chocolate!  Now, that's saying something.  All this good feedback is inspiring me to make more cheese!  I'd like to make some provolone, montasio, tallegio and fontina.  (Note the heavy Italian influence here.)  I've got to be careful or Michael and I will end up weighing two tons.  But, have no fear, my cheese eating friends will surely benefit.

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