Sunday, November 3, 2013

What's coming in this week's Eatwell Farm CSA Box 11/6/2013

Here's what is in store for us this week from Eatwell Farm -

Romaine Lettuce
Summer squash or beets
Wakefield cabbage
Red kale
White or yellow onions
Bok choy
Butternut squash
Fuji persimmons
Sweet potatoes

Wakefield cabbage AND beets (I hope) will make a great sauerkraut.  It IS that time of year and the cooler days ahead beg for some sauerkraut.  Romaine and arugula salads with pomegranate dressing, yum.  Bok choy, yay, I see a great chicken stir fry in the making.  Fractal broccoli, aka romanesco in a gratin would be delicious along with sweet potatoes and some grilled lamb chops.  Onions are always welcome as a start for some butternut squash soup, maybe a side of sauteed kale and onions with it.  Lastly, persimmons are one of Michael's favorite fruits to take for lunch.  Lots of good food here as always. 

Many folks think belonging to a CSA is expensive, but I beg to differ.  The 9 or 10 items I get in the box are worth more than I pay every week for 'the box'.  There is, of course, a committment to be made to eat what comes in the box and make good use of its contents.  The reward is a better diet using more healthy fruits and vegetables that are organically grown.  The box has definitely made a difference in our lives and is a great stepping stone for us when we move to Orcas Island where we plan to grow much of our own fruit and veggies.

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