Friday, November 22, 2013

Lots to be Thankful For from Eatwell Farm

What's coming our way from Eatwell Farm just before Thanksgiving -

Navel oranges or satsuma mandarins
Fuji persimmons
Green celery
Rosemary and sage
New Potatoes
Sweet potatoes

Where do I start?  Navel oranges or satsumas, I've been waiting all year - LOVE fresh oranges, but I refuse to buy the ones in the store from Australia, I'm so glad these are now in season in California.  Green celery will make a great addition to the stuffing on Thanksgiving along with rosemary and sage.  I like to make a stuffing bread and use it to make stuffing.  The recipe is from a bread machine cookbook and has all the usual stuffing herbs and spices in it as well as some oatmeal and corn meal.  The bread makes great turkey sandwiches too. 

Broccoli, another stir fry is in the plans.  Romanesco gratin will probably be on our menu for Thanksgiving.  Cauliflower - I really need to do an Indian aloo gobi with it and the new potatoes. The sweet potatoes will get baked for sweet potato pie and Michael's favorite sweet potato pecan pie.  I may need to use the butternut squash too to have enough for both pies.  Spinach and leek tart sounds good for a dinner.  Onions we just use all the time, I'm sure some will find their way into some stuffing and maybe even in the aloo gobi. 

Can't wait to get this box of great food from Eatwell Farm, all organic and raised thanks to Nigel's chickens who till the pastures making way for the plow and planters.  Chicken power!  Tilling, pest management and fertilizers all in one.

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