Saturday, March 23, 2013

Eatwell Farm Box for 3/27/2013

Oh boy, lots of good stuff coming our way next week from Eatwell Farm -

Green garlic
Red cabbage
Sugar snap peas

Yay, carrots - love Eatwell carrots they are so sweet and tasty, I think I'll just have these for snacks, dipping in some olive oil or a yogurt dip.  Time to make another quiche, love quiche, with spinach, chard and green garlic.  It's so nice to have some snap peas, stir fry them with some chicken and a bit of bok choy.  Arugula salad with orange slices, pine nuts and pickled watermelon daikon for dinner along with some grilled lamb chops.  Dandelion and leek salad with raisins and pine nuts as well would make a tasty salad too, maybe just wilt the dandelions a bit and add the raisins and pine nuts.  Fish tacos with shredded red cabbage, yum.  Maybe make up some lemon curd cupcakes this week, there's a recipe on that I am itching to try.   Bon Appetit.

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