Sunday, January 13, 2013

This Week's Eatwell CSA Box - 1/16/2013

More good eats headed our way from Eatwell Farm, the items include -

Navel Oranges
Red Russian Kale
Beets (with Greens)
Red Cabbage
Bok Choy
Mustard Greens

Is there more borscht in our future?  Seems so with leeks, beets and red cabbage on their way as well as rutabagas and beet greens.  Mustard greens sauteed served with celeriac and potato mash will go well along side some chicken picatta(use those fresh lemons).  Bok choy will create a flavorful stir fry (chicken or shrimp, haven't decided yet).    Navel oranges and mandarins are good for lunch fruit to go.  Rosemary will be a welcome addition to a lamb dish of some sort.  The red kale will be a good side dish for barbequed lamb ribs(yum).  Enjoy the great boxes we get each week!

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