Monday, December 3, 2012

Eatwell CSA - This Week's Bounty

This week we will be getting another great box of fruit and veggies from Eatwell Farm.  They include:

Collard Greens
Purple Spring Onions
Savoy Cabbage
Lemon Verbena

Escarole, collard greens and savoy cabbage along with spring onions and some turnips - sounds like Grammie Soup(Minestrone) to me.  The base for the soup will be some turkey broth I froze when we make soup with the leftover bird.  Spinach and orange salad with pomegranate dressing sounds good, still have some pomegranate dressing I made up a couple of weeks ago.  Cauliflower calls out for aloo gobi (Indian cauliflower and potato saute).  Broccoli coupled with some bok choy from the farmers market will make a great stir fry with some shrimp and ginger.  Lemon verbena, hmmmm, maybe I'll just dry this and use it for tea or put some in the biscotti da the? 

Michael also brought home some lemons, so I may try to make some limoncello!

Enjoy the days leading up to Christmas, a perfect time to bake some good things and share with family and friends!

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