Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Box From Eatwell Farm 2/27/2013

For the coming week, here's what's on deck from Eatwell Farm -

Grapefruit.. our own fruit
Spinach.. very clean with no rain!
Lettuce.. Baby Romaine
Romanesco... beautiful
Bok Choi
Green garlic.. so good with eggs
Red cabbage

Grapefruit in the morning - great eye opener to greet the day.  Lemons can be preserved in salt for future use.  Lots of spinach so creamed spinach with lamb chops seems like a given.  Broccoli and bok choi says shrimp stir fry with some green garlic - oh so good in a stir fry.  Red cabbage slaw for a salad.  Baby Romaine for lunch sandwiches.  Collards and leeks sauteed on the stove with oven baked chicken for dinner.  Navel oranges for lunches and snacks.  Sounds like a week full of good food!

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