Monday, October 10, 2011

PAIN de Campagne

Well, I tried to hydrate the bread dough for this bread as much as I dared.  The loaves rose beautifully and I was very optimistic about the crumb (the inside of the bread) having lots of good big holes.  No such luck.  It is a very tasty bread, but not what I exactly had in mind.  I'm not sure what's the problem.  Could be I needed to let it rise some more?  I was unsure about that because the bread, when poked, left a dent. That usually means it's totally proofed.  Do I overproof it?  If so, how do I keep it from deflating when scored for baking?  I'll be trying a different recipe next time, no whole wheat flour either, just Bob's Red Mill unbleached white flour.  Got a great baguette recipe on to try.

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