Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last CSA Box of the Year From Eatwell Farm

Tomorrow, Wednesday, marks the arrival of the last CSA box for the year from Eatwell Farm.  Every year Nigel and crew take a much deserved 2 week  'break' from packing our weekly boxes.  But, fear not, they have a great end of year box planned  as follows -

Young Lettuce
Crocodile Spinach
Champion Collards
Florence Fennel
Bok Choy
Celeriac (the celery was damaged in the freeze)
Wakefield or red cabbage
Watermelon Daikon
Diane Sweet potatoes
Early Washington Navels
Satsuma Mandarins
Watermelon daikon is back! Yay, I love this stuff, sliced thin and pickled.  It keeps forever.  We were just running low so this came just in time.  Crocodile Spinach is great just steamed, be sure and wash it well (at least 3 times) to get rid of all the dirt (Nigel is literally giving away the farm!).  I love collards and sauteed onions seasoned with cumin, turmeric and a bit of serrano chili paprika(grind up some dried serranos from Everything Under the Sun).  Pork chops or sausage on a bed of cabbage, onions, maybe some carrots? and apples is a great winter meal.  Fennel sliced thinly on top of some of the lettuce with shredded carrots and some of those pickled watermelon daikon slices would make a yummy side dish.  Celeriac trimmed and boiled with some white potatoes is also a good side with some roasted chicken or lamb chops.  Bok choy always is welcome in our house for a shrimp or chicken stir fry.  Of course, we just roast sweet potatoes, unless you're up for a sweet potato pie for Christmas dessert.  Lastly, let's not forget the navel oranges and mandarins - great for snacks or in Michael's lunch pail. 

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