Sunday, October 20, 2013

This Week's Box from Eatwell Farm

Here's what Nigel and Jose are planning for our CSA boxes this week -

Baby bell peppers
Sugar pie pumpkins
Red Russian kale
Green tomatoes
Summer squash
Asian pears

Hmm, looks like some cappellacci de zucca are in my future (pillows of pasta stuffed with seasoned pumpkin puree, recipe on another post in this blog).  Lettuce and radicchio for salads along with some red russian kale.  Tomatillos and green tomatoes will go into a green salsa that I will freeze for later use in a chicken enchilada casserole.  Beets and radicchio together in a salad, perhaps.  Kohlrabi will join its friend in the vegie crisper until ready to steam and sauce up somehow - maybe a gratin?  Summer squash will get shredded and made up into some sauce with tomatoes also frozen.  Michael will love the asian pears for lunches.  Baby bell peppers stuffed with a seasoned bread dressing for a side dish with grilled lamb chops.  All sounds good to me!

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